My name is Wick Thomas and I'm running for State House Representative in Missouri, District 19

As a life-long resident of Missouri, I care deeply about the state and its residents. Between my upbringing in rural Missouri and my life in activism in Kansas City, I believe I have a unique perspective on what Missourians need and the kind of representation they need in the state legislature.

I will actively fight for every Missourian, and especially for the welfare of the marginalized members of our community. As a member of the LGBTQ community, I’ve helped fight for the rights and betterment of the LGBTQ+ people. I worked in the library and public school systems, educating teenagers and at-risk youth, and that experience solidified my belief that every person in this state, deserves a government that sees them and hears their voices–and that prioritizes the most marginalized people.

I’ve lived in District 19 for several years now. Our district houses a truly diverse group of passionate, hard working people from all and walks of life, with different cultures that enrich us and small businesses that are thriving. I will make every voice heard in the state legislature. The Missouri motto says that the welfare of the people is truly the supreme law. Together we’ll make sure that our state holds that true.